In the Works: Current Projects

This section features information about ongoing recording and performance projects such as “The New Bolcom Project,” and “Arie Antiche.”

The New Bolcom Project

“The New Bolcom Project,” the recording of the violin and piano music being “The [original] Bolcom Project” is an endeavor to put on disc William Bolcom’s complete works for solo piano. These recordings are to be released on six separate albums on Naxos Records over the course of several years.  The discs will feature music written over the course of almost five decades and present works ranging from the gigantic “Sonata Fantasy” from 1961 to the laconic “New Bagatelles” written this past year. A New York organization “Classics Abroad,” headed by J.Y. Song, has generously offered a grant to promote these recordings. more »

Photograph of composer William Bolcom

Arie Antiche with Tony Schemmer

The Arie Antiche ("old songs") are a body of Italian vocal music dating roughly from 1600 to 1800.  Derived mostly from opera, they are, simply put, the "hits" of those days and remain very much alive by dint of their irresistible charm.  They have been conserved through copies, rote repetition, adaptation, and printed compilation down to the present and still provide the foundation for classical vocal technique.  Beginning students start with them, because of their supreme lyricism and simplicity.  Yet they provide a gold standard against which every generation's "greats" take their own measure--the Carusos, Giglis, Corellis, Pavarottis all performed and recorded them. 

Schemmer has selected a number of the Arie and presents each, pairing the "original" with a newly composed version, in a variation on the theme of theme and variation.  Interspersed among the songs are anecdotal remarks about the sources of the songs, insights into their style, and observations on contemporaneous performance practice.  You will learn why "original" is italicized and why the Arie are intrinsically suited to Schemmer's Italianized transformations. more »

Tischbein's famous portrait of Goethe

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