“Fantasies” features works in the fantasie genre—a genre characterized by strong virtuosic and improvisatory elements--by old and new masters as well as Mozart’s operatic Adagio in B minor and the avant-garde A Little Gigue.


The centerpiece of the album is Schumann’s monumental Fantasie in C major, perhaps his most successful large-scale composition, a work that harkens back to his idol, Beethoven, while foreshadowing harmonic advancements of the late-romantic era.

Also heard...

Also heard on the disc are Beethoven’s rarely-heard Fantasie, op. 77 and Rodney Lister’s “Just As My Fingers On These Keys: Fantasy for Piano,” written specifically for this recording.

From the Upcoming CD

  • Rodney Lister
    • "Just As My Fingers On These Keys, Fantasy for Piano" (Recorded on February 3, 2009 at Jordan Hall, at an NEC Composer's Series concert)
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  • W.A. Mozart
    • Fantasie in D minor (Recorded live at Jordan Hall, March 2007)
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